It’s time for all of us to act with urgency for human survival. #UniteBehindTheScience

We represent millions of people committed to human rights, the environment, gender equality, children’s rights, social justice, workers rights, people power and poverty eradication.

There are thousands of events in countries all over the world happening every Friday as part of the #FridaysForFuture Climate Strikes.

Young leaders including Greta Thunberg and others have called on people of all ages to join them in supporting this action: We have heard the call. Young people have inspired us with their vision, courage and clarity. We call on our staff, and – where they can do so without facing unacceptable consequences – our members, partners and supporters to do the same.

No young person should be denied the right to freedom of association, expression and peaceful assembly in taking action for human survival

It’s time we all #UniteBehindTheScience and accelerate a just transition to a thriving net-zero emissions economy, one that advances everyone’s human rights, protects nature, safeguards jobs and increases equality.

We also believe it’s time for governments and companies to decide if they stand with our children for our common future and undertake bold systemic changes in the next 12 months, to avert further climate chaos.

Everything worth caring about is at stake. Together we must slash greenhouse gas emissions. These harmful emissions need to be at half today’s levels in ten years time and at zero by mid century at the latest. Is it going to be difficult? Yes. Is it doable? Absolutely.

Every day of delay condemns our children to an increasingly uninhabitable future. Every tonne of carbon we prevent means lives saved.

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